KMD Driving School

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Who We Are

Mike Perkins is the owner and Operator of KMD Driving School.  Mike has many employees to help with the hundreds of students that receive their education from KMD each year.  Mike started KMD Driving School in 2001 out of a desire to match his love of driving with his love of being around young people and those that wanted to learn.  Mike has been a police officer for over 31 years in several capacities and brings those years of experience and wisdom to the class and to the road instruction each time he engages with his students.

Mike is a firm believer in how a business MUST contribute to the communities in which it serves. KMD Driving School hosts several fund raisers each year as well as Mike being the primary force behind a 23 year old Thanksgiving Day Dinner Effort, in which an average of 1000 Thanksgiving meals are delivered free of charge to those in need.  Mike also hosts at his own expense a season long Christmas hayride free of charge for the local children and their parents.

KMD Driving School offers instruction in Basic Driver Education, Motorcycle Safety, and Experienced Rider Courses.  Mike also drives school bus for RSU #18 and has won the statewide School bus driving competition for 4 consecutive years.

The office is located in Oakland, Maine.  There are various driving sites located in Farmington, Scarborough, and Central Maine, where the various courses are implemented and actual driving time occurs.

Why Us?

Why should you choose to train at KMD?

*  13 years of Driving Instruction experience

*  Highly recommended by area families and

    your neighbors.

*  Strongly committed to giving back to local 


*  Actual Instructional setting

*  Basic Driving students picked up at their 


*  Guest speakers used during instruction

*  Real life police examples and experiences

*  Male and Female Instructors.

*  32 KMD motorcycles for use by students.

    6  new in 2013.

*  State and MSF Instructors on site.